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2007 "Wirtschaftswunder"

Düsseldorf, Merowingerstr.4
Artists: Kübra Sirinyurt, Istanbul, Jann Wienenkamp, Klaus Klinger
And: Marc Hennig, Miroh, Anastasia, Benni Noack, Marq Eichberger, Paola Ramirez, Uli Wiegner



More than 40 drafts originated in the pub Tigges beside the wall. From many ideas of guests and artists, the artists and the house-owner decided on a draft in support of an earlier work of Farbfieber, the subject "Wirtschaftswunder". The economy booms and we surprise at increasing poverty in the quarter and worldwide.
In addition, the possibility existed to integrate many of the ideas into the draft. Thus more than 20 new figures were developed. In the mural you can discover a huge number of stories which light up the subject differently. It is also a counterpart of the consumption palace which originates exactly towards and finished in 2008.

The mural: In the contrast to the extraordinary profits of the economy, and the increasing poverty in Düsseldorf and even more serious in many other lands, is shown by an endlessly growing pyramid and on wood painted local and international figures and stories. Children, juveniles and pensioners appear in the picture and tell different stories. E.g. both figures with the spade, they march cheerfully to the 1-euro-job, children who walk straight from the school to the job center, the thief who robs even the poors - or it is only a politician or a speculator? Or the Grandma - bought a Metal detector from her last money to improve her pension by the search for the miracle of Düsseldorf.

In addition, the mural is a recollection of a work destroyed by Vodafone, which hung for years on the Vodafone multi-storey car park in front of the state parliament in Düsseldorf.

promoted from: Fund Soziokultur, house-owner Lamertz, Tigges, Carlsberg brewery, Elpass machines, Asta der FH (General Students' Committee of the University of Applied Sciences), Helga Zimmer

Thief, pettifogging or speculator?